Fix broken Zip file

ZIP File Repair Utility

ZIP File works as data containers in which one or more files can be stored in compressed form to reduce their size. This is done so that files which are large in size can be easily shared or transferred over the internet to reduce transmission time. It is a data compression and archive format which is supported by all versions of operating systems. However, due to its structural design it is highly prone to corruptions. Corruption or any sort of damage can make some of your important data inaccessible inside a Zip file.

Even though ZIP files are safe and reliable, they may get broken or become invalid for various reasons. When this situation occurs, either you will not be able to extract contents of the file or CRC error message might pop up showing “The archive is corrupt or damaged” or “Unknown compression method”. In this situation there is no need to worry.  Because there is a tool to repair zip file and retrieve’s the contents as soon as possible.

There might be several causes, which makes a Zip file to corrupt or damage. Here are some common causes for Zip file corruption.

zip repair

When you download a large sized Zip file from Internet or transferring it from local network, during this process if there is any interruption, the files may get broken. This may cause CRC errors or corruption, and if you try to open that Zip file, you may get error messages like these

  • Cannot open file: does not appear to be a valid file
  • The file is corrupt or damaged
  • Bad CRC
  • Unknown compression method
  • Compressed folder is invalid or corrupted

If Zip files are deleted and it has been recovered using data recovery software then recovered file sometimes may be incomplete due to fragmentation with file system. Such files again will not be opened and will be in a corrupt state.

From all the above mentioned scenarios Zip File Repair tool helps to repair corrupt Zip file structure and allows you to extract the contents from the corrupt Zip file. The repairing tool provides complete automated wizard based interface to repair corrupt or damaged Zip files.

Some special features of this tool:

  • This repair tool creates a new healthy working file by extracting the contents from the corrupt file without affecting the original file and hence making the process extremely safe.
  • This tool helps you to fix all corrupted files and shows “Preview” option, so that you can preview your repaired files before actual restoration and purchasing the software.
  • Repairs all types of Zip (32 -bit, 64-bit) and Zipx files
  • Also repairs corrupted Zip files with CRC errors

Reason to choose this repair tool?

It is 100 % safe, secure and non-destructive read-only software. It is free from virus and malware, which are scanned with advanced antivirus program and certified by several authorities.

Also this tool is user-friendly and the files are repaired with a few clicks.

Note: The demo version of this Repair tool is technically similar to the activated version, except that “saving” of recovered data is disabled. If you want to save the repaired file you need to activate this software which completes the repair process.

iTunes Recovery

How to Restore iTunes Library on Mac OS

“I had over 1000 songs on my iTunes library on my Mac which I lost while upgrading iTunes last night. Is there any procedure to get these missing iTunes songs back from my iTunes library which also include a few purchased songs?”

Yes, one can surely recover iTunes library songs from their Mac but only by making use of an iTunes recovery application that is designed for a Mac for the sole purpose of recovering iTunes songs. An iTunes application on your Mac can house any number of iTunes songs including purchased copies by you.

Mac gives all its users the freedom to have a backup copy of their data saved to a safe location. By doing so, you can safeguard all your iTunes playlist or library and be assured of not losing them from your Mac. However, this may not be the scenario with some users who may unfortunately end up losing data from their iTunes library which may occur during iTunes upgrade or while moving iTunes files. regardless of what caused the iTunes songs to go missing from your iTunes library, you can recover them back using an iTunes recovery software on your Mac OS.

In this video, you can learn how to restore iTunes library on your Mac OS with just a few easy steps. An iTunes recovery application like the one used in the linked video can recover iTunes library regardless of the cause for iTunes data to go missing from your Mac. It can also recover purchased iTunes songs from your iTunes application which makes it the best recovery software for iTunes recovery.

iTunes files can have songs ranging in different sizes and a few other files might also carry videos. So, such files can be of large sizes and recovering such large files back from iTunes can only be performed by a recommended and certified software that is designed to recover iTunes library. When you find that songs from iTunes library have gone missing, then you need to stop writing any new data onto your Mac hard drive because all the missing or deleted iTunes songs still remain on your Mac hard drive even after they stop showing up on iTunes. This data can safely be retrieved off your hard drive by making use of an iTunes recovery software at the earliest. it is advised to employ an iTunes recovery software at the earliest because when new data is written to the hard drive, it might overwrite the deleted or lost iTunes files from your hard drive which will permanently erase them off the hard drive and can never be recovered back again. To prevent this, it is one of the most important tasks to be followed by the user wherein he is supposed to stop using the hard drive anymore until he recovers the iTunes files back.

Striking Features of the above used iTunes Recovery Software:

  • This software can perform a full iTunes library recovery in just a matter of minutes and will let you save the recovered data back to any folder on your computer.
  • It can be used to recover deleted as well as lost iTunes songs from iTunes library.
  • You can recover purchased iTunes songs as well.
  • Songs of any size can be recovered using this application.
Memory card recovery

Recover Deleted or Lost Files from memory Card

Hi buddies! Yesterday I connected my 16GB memory card to my computer with the help of a memory card reader for transferring some of the files from that memory card to the computer. While transferring, I removed that card reader from the computer, thinking that the transfer process got over. Due to this, the file transfer stopped suddenly without completing. Immediately I connected that memory card to my mobile phone to check whether the files are present in it. But, I could not find any of the contents in that memory card. Somebody tell me some suggestion to perform memory card recovery. Is it possible to recover files that are deleted from memory card?”

Memory cards are tiny storage device with high storage capacity. The size, speed and storage capacity of a memory card varies from one to another. You may store your important files from your mobile phone or digital camera using this memory card. Though it provides good storage space and high performance, there are chances for your files to get deleted or lost from your memory card.

If you have deleted your files from your memory card, don’t be worried. As the technology has improved, there are possibilities to to get back your deleted files from your memory card. The memory card recovery is not a hard task. There is a software called Memory Card Recovery, which recovers more than 280 types of files. Before restoring the deleted or lost files, let us see some of the situations in which the file may get lost or deleted from the memory card:

  • Bad Sectors: The data which you are storing are saved in sectors of your memory card. Such sectors become bad due to corruption. If the bad sectors present in your memory card is too high, then you will be forced to format your memory card to avoid further corruption.
  • Improper Ejection of Memory Card: Say for example, you have connected your memory card to your computer for transferring some files. When the transfer of files got completed, you have removed your memory card from the computer without proper ejection. This may cause file corruption.
  • Accidental Deletion: Due to some storage issues you are deleting some of the files from your memory card to regain disk space. At that time, instead of deleting unwanted files, you may delete some other files. In this case also you may lose your file.
  • Interruption while File Transfer: Say, you are transferring files from computer to your memory card. At the time of transfer, you may switch off your computer forceful due to some reason, which cancels the file transferring. This is also one of the reason for file deletion.
  • Third Party Tool: Using third party tools to view the memory card contents or inserting your card in a damaged card reader to access your files may sometimes result in deletion or loss of that files from your memory card.

Features of this Software:

This tool helps you to recover data from formatted partitions . Data that are deleted or lost from FAT32, NTFS, FAT16, NTFS5 partitions can also be recovered within a few simple steps. Data from hard drive, which are not getting mounted, can also be recovered easily. This software also provides preview option using which you can view recovered card files before restoration.

Hard drive recovery

Data Recovery from Formatted Hard Disk Drive

 Formatting a Drive

One of the disheartening lessons learned about disk management is that formatting can belly up all data on the drive. A hard drive can go from gigabytes to blank slate in a matter of minutes, and all important documents, treasured pictures, and many more can be wipe out with just a click. Cheers to “format”. But in some cases, you can get your files back even after a format.

Depends on what kind of format?

When it comes about format, there are three more diversions are possible:

  • Quick format.quick format causes some or all of the info about files and folders to be overwritten, but leaves the file data untouched. File recovery programs can scan the disk, find what remains from the previous file system, and recover files and folders accordingly. Depending on the file system(s) before and after the reformat.
  • Full format. A normal format will usually do a bit more than a quick format, depending on the operating system. A full format causes all data on the partition to be overwritten with a certain pattern (usually 00 or FF). This makes it impossible to recover any files from the partition
  • Reformat with operating system reinstallation. Formats often happen concurrently to the reinstallation of an operating system. These are not always full blown “secure” formats, but the fact that a large amount of new data has been written to the disk will reduce the chances that your files will be recoverable.

Data Recovery from Formatted Hard Disk Drive

Whether it is a quick format, full format, OS reinstall, or repartition, data recovery is always worth a shot. Even if the disk is not bootable or has been reformatted multiple times, you can still scan the drive for recognizable files. Unless the data has been overwritten, it should remain intact. The only challenge is finding the location of files. That’s why you need professional software for formatted drive file recovery. Because most major operating systems won’t have a built-in file recovery or undelete utility, third-party programs will work on any platform based on their compatibility.
The actual actions of any disk recovery program may vary depending on the program itself the program you use.  But no matter what you program you use, all have some general methodology.


  1. Perform your data recovery from another system disk. If you’ve just reinstalled your operating system, don’t boot into the disk. Instead, mount it on another computer (either via a USB enclosure or by installing it as a slave in one of the internal hard drive bays) and analyze it with read-only access.
  2. Never write data to the disk you are trying to recover from. If your file recovery tool does find you’re lost data, do not save it to the same disk that you are trying to recover it from. You may end up overwriting the very data you are trying to recover.
  3. If the disk is failing or corrupt, create an image of it. By imaging a disk, you take a snapshot of its state before any more damage can be done. Run your file recovery search on the disk image instead of the disk itself.

While not all formatted disk can be restored, an inadvertent or premature reformat is not the end of the world.

photo recovery

Simple Way to Recover JPG and JPEG Image Files

I am using digital camera with 32 GB memory card enclosing thousands of JPEG photos, but today when I connected memory card to Mac system it displayed wired message stating “Memory card need to be formatted”, without thinking much I just clicked on “OK” button and lost all beloved memorable pictures. Now I am not getting anything what to do, therefore please someone assist me the solution to overcome from this issue as soon as possible! Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot….

Did the above mentioned situation happen to you? If yes, then don’t get panic because nowadays there are abundant number of utilities which are readily available on internet, so by making use of best Photo Recovery software you can easily restore JPG pictures within matter of minutes from your respective digital camera memory card. Well before proceeding towards recovering process,

Common Reasons behind Photos Deletion or Lost

File System Corruption: It plays a very vital role in accessing jpeg files stored in digital camera \ camcorder. When file system of camera memory card gets corrupted due to any reason, then all stuff becomes inaccessible and finally results in permanent loss.

Transfer Process Interruption: At the time of transferring jpeg photos from memory card to Mac system or vice versa, if any sort of interruption occurs like sudden system shutdown due to unpredicted power failure, abrupt ejection of card in between process, etc. results in photos loss.

Format Error: At times after connecting device to Mac OS based system \ laptop, you may receive some error messages like “memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now”? “Card needs to be formatted”, “card not recognized”, “unable to access jpeg files”, etc. Generally, these error messages appear because of file system corruption or unusual technical problems.

Accidental Deletion: While deleting large amount of useless or old stuff from digital camera \ camcorder memory card, you may unintentionally select few memorable JPG files and perform delete operation.

Other Causes: Unintentional formatting, hardware issues, improper file conversion process, severe virus attack, sabotage, etc.

In all the above stated scenario JPEG images either gets corrupt, lost or deleted, but luckily with the help of Photo Recovery software, you can easily bring back lost images with few clicks of mouse that too in short duration of time.

Extraordinary Features of Photo Recovery Software:

  • The utility is designed with integrated advanced algorithms which deeply and robustly scans entire device within matter of minutes and get back corrupt, lost, missing, deleted photo files utmost ease.
  • You can perform JPEG file recovery on Mac OS X based systems (MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, etc) in following versions such as Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, mavericks, Yosemite, etc. without any complexity.
  • By making use of this application, you can easily recover JPG photos from FAT 16, HFS +, HFS X and FAT 32 file systems within matter of minutes.
  • This tool can restore deleted or lost photos from USB drive, FireWire drive, external hard disk, memory stick, etc.
  • It even has the ability to restore different image file formats (TIF, GIF, PNG, RAW, CRW, NEF, etc) from SD, XD, CF, SDXC, SDHC and many more cards without any difficulty.
  • The software is read only, non destructive, digitally signed and completely free from all types of viruses.
  • Requires minimum disk space for installation and supports both 32 and 64 bit Mac PC.
Data Recovery

How to Restore Documents Deleted from Recycle Bin?

Are you worried about documents deleted from Recycle Bin? Are you searching for any powerful recovery tool to recover documents deleted from Recycle Bin? If yes, then stop worrying and searching because here you have the solution for all your queries just make use of Recover Recycle Bin application.

Recover Recycle Bin tool supports to get back all deleted documents and other files from Bin folder on Windows operating system like Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. User can restore more than 200 file types including PPT, MP3, MOV, AVI, DOCX, DOC, PSD, XLSX, MP4, PST, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, and so on. It guides you to retrieve all documents that are erased from Bin folder and other data storage device like USB hard drive, pen drives, MMC cards, SD cards, xD cards, etc. This recovery utility is designed and developed with powerful scanning algorithm so that it scans the Recycle Bin within few minutes to recover documents deleted from it.

Usually, it’s quite common many users face erase of documents from Recycle Bin in their busy lifestyle. This because of various factors such as removing Bin folder accidentally, deleting documents using shift & delete keys, using “Empty Recycle Bin” option, and so on. In order to get rid of these issues you need to download and install Recover Recycle Bin software on your PC or laptop.

Some of brief description about how documents deleted from Recycle Bin:    

Emptying Recycle Bin: To delete all the documents or other files permanently from Recycle Bin there is an option called ‘Empty Recycle Bin’. If you perform this option without cross checking the content of Bin folder then you might face erase of important documents that were accidentally deleted.

Erasing Files Using Shift + Delete Key: Sometimes, you might need to remove unused or unwanted documents from your computer hard drive using combination of “Shift + Delete” keys, in order to make free space for new files. This process will bypass the Recycle Bin and you face severe loss of documents and files from your laptop.

Make Free Space in Bin: If you decide to make a free space from Bin folder because it has limited capacity to store data so in a hurry you may perform delete option before checking Recycle Bin then it results in deletion of documents.

Precautionary steps to be followed:

  • Always cross check the contents of Bin folder before emptying it.
  • Before performing “Shift + Delete” keys check for the backup of documents.
  • Use latest and updated antivirus application on your PC or laptop.

Prominent Specifications of Recover Recycle Bin Tool:  

  • Recover Recycle Bin software comes with advanced technology, which enables you to get back entire deleted documents from Recycle Bin that has been emptied accidentally or because of any other issues.
  • You can recover documents deleted from Recycle Bin and other data storage gadgets like flash drives, Fire Wire drive, etc.
  • Save or pause recovery process to avoid frequent scanning.
  • Apart from documents you can also undelete other files like pictures, movies, video files, animations, audio clips, and many more.



Repair PST File

How to Repair Outlook PST File?

“Hi, while working on my MS Outlook account, I could not able to access my precious data on it and I think it may because of PST corruption. So, can anyone guide me how to repair Outlook data from a corrupt PST file?”

The above situation can happen due to Oversize, Outlook Application failure, Bad sectors, etc. When Outlook files are corrupted with these causes, then there are chances for loss of your PST file. When entire Outlook is not opening then you may lose all the saved data. Losing such huge amount of data can make you more worried about the lost file. What are you going to perform in order to prevent the corruption of Outlook PST without losing any of the emails, contacts, etc.?  First, you should be calm and look for better solution by selecting the repair Outlook PST software. By using this tool, you can easily repair Outlook PST files from Outlook. The following are the scenarios in which your PST file may get corrupt.

  • The major reason for corruption of MS Outlook PST file is Outlook application failure.   Microsoft Outlook application can fail due to reasons like limited memory, etc. then the PST may get corrupted.
  • Outlook file oversize may also corrupt these files. There is a size limit for the Outlook PST file, which varies from different Outlooks versions. This size represents that the PST file is capable to hold a particular amount of data. When this limit exceeded, then the PST file may get corrupt.
  • Computers should be shutdown properly; unless, it may affect the current working file. Suppose while working on the Outlook application, then the system may switched off suddenly. The next time you switches on your system, there is a possibility that your Outlook application does not function properly due to improper shutdown.
  • Due to improper usage of the hard drive, it may create bad sectors. If any file saved on these bad sectors, it may become corrupted. The PST files are no exception to this; they may also get corrupted.

Note: The best way to avoid such a loss is to keep a regular backup of the PST file. This backup can be utilized after re-installing the Outlook application. The Outlook provides an option to archive old emails. This helps in maintaining the PST size avoids corruption.

Why to use this software?

Repair Outlook PST tool can repair corrupted or damaged PST files and supports all the latest versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. This product has the ability to convert damaged or password protected OST files into new healthy PST file. The tool helps to analyze the personal folder structure to repair and recover all the data items. It retains original folder structure of Outlook items and it can also repairs the PST file which cannot repaired by Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft. It also helps to recover Outlook PST files such as emails, calendars, notes, etc, on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X. This software can also recover Outlook PST files, which are larger in size. By using this software, you can able to preview your repaired PST file before restoration. Afterwards, you can save the repaired PST file by getting licensed version of repair Outlook PST utility.

Flash Card Recovery

Simple Way to Recover Lost Files from xD Card

There are number of users that keep the files in XD memory cards. The memory card is the best medium to keep the data but on the other end, it also faces loss of files. At instances user with memory cards faces this loss of data.  There are certain ways that can keep your data safe but there is also an option to recover files using powerful recovery tool known as Memory Card Recovery Software that can return your data even after complete loss. For example, there is some XD cards recovery software that assures you for the complete recovery but they fails to do so. In such situation you can utilize this software to recover files from various flash cards effectively. Instead, you can try out measures that can keep the data safe. Well here are few of them that can be followed. You can keep the files safe can be taken very easily and some of them are mentioned in below,

Ripping of Recycle Bin storage after the files is deleted from memory card is a very common thing to happen, so for this you can keep your files in some different sources. Insertion and ejection of memory card are so commonly done, then better to avoid non-reliable source to transfer the data. Text files or any other types of files are there and a very important thing in those files are the headers, if these headers are corrupted then can cause the data loss and this is cause mostly due to abrupt ejection.

Common Reasons behind Data Loss from xD card:

Accidental File Deletion: While viewing some significant media file like photos and videos from your camera or Smartphone, you may press “Delete all” option by mistake. In addition to that, you may attempt to remove some unwanted files from your xD card inserted. At that time you may select your important photos and delete them by mistake.

Virus Infection: Virus or malicious program attack is the most frequent reason for file loss on xD card which can get into memory card files and replicate itself and then increase into entire file which make file corruption/damage.

Usage of Third Party Tool: If the virus attack become high means that makes your xD malfunctioning. In order to resolve this matter you can utilize some updated antivirus software which scan your files saved on xD card and delete virus infected files without any notice.

Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, while accessing xD card, you may encounter format error message because of corruption as “Drive not formatted..!! Do you want to format it? In such circumstances, you may format your xD card for achieving instant contact, this choice makes severe data loss on xD card.

Other Reasons: File system corruption, bad sectors, improper ejection of xD card from gadgets, abrupt power failure while doing some task on xD card, sudden interruption while transferring files from xD card to some other storage media.

Advanced Features of Memory Card Recovery Tool:

  • Memory Card Recovery Software tool can scan the entire xD card or other flash storage devices in a few minutes for achieving deleted or lost data recovery effectively.
  • It is well-suited with all the popular Mac OS and Windows based systems.
  • You can execute this tool to restore files from xD card as well as various external flash drives like memory sticks, SD cards, pen drive, external USB hard disk, etc effectively
  • This tool recover files from memory card which may format with any file system such as HFSX, ExFAT, FAT32, HFS+, FAT16, and NTFS.
  • 24/7 professional technical support.

Transfer calendars between Outlook and Google

Calendars are very much useful in our day to day life which helps to be up to dated. Microsoft office outlook stores the calendar in to it and allows you to be updated all the times.  It requires transferring Microsoft office outlook calendar either import or exporting from Google calendar which is actually not a big issue. It involved few steps to transfer calendar between Microsoft office outlook and Google as explained in this link. With the help of this, you can be up to date even in offline server also as Microsoft office outlook 2007 including feature to work offline too. You just need to export and import calendar files. Let us see what are the different steps involved in importing and exporting calendar from Google to Microsoft office outlook separately.

Steps involved in importing calendar files from Google into Microsoft office outlook

Make sure that you are importing the updated calendar before starting the process. Then if it is updated it is good or else subscribe to Google calendar to get alerts of up to date calendar. After this the following are the steps involved in importing calendar files into Microsoft office outlook

Step 1: Firstly Log in into the Google calendar account.

Step 2: After log in to account, in the left column you may find calendars, select the calendar which you want to import.

Step 3: Then go for Calendar settings display when you clicked on the calendar options.

Step 4: Then go for private address, type ICAL

Step 5: In the calendar address dialog box, go for the website address of internet which is appearing.

Step 6: When prompted, click ok to import the selected calendar.

This is how the calendar is imported from Google to the Microsoft office outlook and after importing you need to view it to check the perfection of work. Now let see what are the different steps involved in exporting outlook calendar to Google calendar.

Steps for exporting calendar Microsoft office outlook to Google:

Step 1: In outlook, in calendar folder select calendar file and make it active calendar in the view.

Step 2: Then after this, save the calendar files as per your convenient by selecting save as option which is available on the file menu.

Then a box appears which shows you name, date range and level detail of calendar. If it is satisfying all your requirements then proceed ok or else made required changes.

Step 4: Then click on to the save button, which helps you to save the changes which are made.

Step 5: Go for Google, log in to account

Step 6: Select import calendar from calendar category.

Step 7: Select file to click to upload.

After this verify it by opening same file in the Google account. If it is ok proceed to next step or else change the file starting again the same process from step 1

Step 8: Click for the complete import and here is done the calendar file is successfully transfer Microsoft office outlook calendar to Google calendar.


Understanding security and safe computing

Computers security is very essential for individuals and business organizations. By preventing threat one can reduce fraud, confidential data loss and other errors from the computer hackers. When user system connects to the internet it allows to share important files with other people or let other person to use system. The computer hacker may steal personal data or by sending malicious program to damage the PC.  User might think that how can computer security protect the privacy of individuals? One should utilize effective security measures and defenses as firewalls, genuine anti virus software, passwords and more to protect the confidential files stored in the computer from hacking.

How can computer security protect the privacy of individuals?

As the technology is growing new software for security of individuals data are being invented world wide. On the other hand hackers are developing even more dangerous viruses and malicious program. Simply by clicking on unauthorized sites on internet, the system may suffer from intrusion of viruses which can hack the individual systems and causing damage of computer like create new user account as administrative, delete the important files, format hard drive.

To protect system from hacker you must take some precautions. In this page you will come across how computer security can protect the privacy of individuals. There are ways to protect computer from security threats like intentional threat and unintentional threat. Intentional threats are stealing of confidential data, damage of computer resources, and theft of equipment. Unintentional threats include failure of computer, accidentally deletion and environment risks.

There are number of effective security measures for individuals and organizations can take to decrease theft, losses and errors such as antivirus, firewalls, Windows update, back ups and more.

  • Latest antivirus gives protection to the individual’s computer from Worms, Viruses, Trojan and other malicious programs which are created by programmer (hacker) through the internet it may infect PC. It creates same name as folder name, when user unknowingly click on those folder viruses multiples themselves from one system to other. Thus, decrease the performance of your computer and even delete a file.
  • Firewalls plays major role in preventing hackers and malicious software from accessing to your individuals PC. It will first check the information whether it is coming from unknown internet websites or network and either blocks it from entering to your system or allows through your computer
  • If you keep on Windows update option then it will check for updates and intimates you to upgrade it and install them which can protect your computer from security threats and new viruses.