How to Repair Outlook PST File?

“Hi, while working on my MS Outlook account, I could not able to access my precious data on it and I think it may because of PST corruption. So, can anyone guide me how to repair Outlook data from a corrupt PST file?”

The above situation can happen due to Oversize, Outlook Application failure, Bad sectors, etc. When Outlook files are corrupted with these causes, then there are chances for loss of your PST file. When entire Outlook is not opening then you may lose all the saved data. Losing such huge amount of data can make you more worried about the lost file. What are you going to perform in order to prevent the corruption of Outlook PST without losing any of the emails, contacts, etc.?  First, you should be calm and look for better solution by selecting the repair Outlook PST software. By using this tool, you can easily repair Outlook PST files from Outlook. The following are the scenarios in which your PST file may get corrupt.

  • The major reason for corruption of MS Outlook PST file is Outlook application failure.   Microsoft Outlook application can fail due to reasons like limited memory, etc. then the PST may get corrupted.
  • Outlook file oversize may also corrupt these files. There is a size limit for the Outlook PST file, which varies from different Outlooks versions. This size represents that the PST file is capable to hold a particular amount of data. When this limit exceeded, then the PST file may get corrupt.
  • Computers should be shutdown properly; unless, it may affect the current working file. Suppose while working on the Outlook application, then the system may switched off suddenly. The next time you switches on your system, there is a possibility that your Outlook application does not function properly due to improper shutdown.
  • Due to improper usage of the hard drive, it may create bad sectors. If any file saved on these bad sectors, it may become corrupted. The PST files are no exception to this; they may also get corrupted.

Note: The best way to avoid such a loss is to keep a regular backup of the PST file. This backup can be utilized after re-installing the Outlook application. The Outlook provides an option to archive old emails. This helps in maintaining the PST size avoids corruption.

Why to use this software?

Repair Outlook PST tool can repair corrupted or damaged PST files and supports all the latest versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. This product has the ability to convert damaged or password protected OST files into new healthy PST file. The tool helps to analyze the personal folder structure to repair and recover all the data items. It retains original folder structure of Outlook items and it can also repairs the PST file which cannot repaired by Inbox Repair Tool provided by Microsoft. It also helps to recover Outlook PST files such as emails, calendars, notes, etc, on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X. This software can also recover Outlook PST files, which are larger in size. By using this software, you can able to preview your repaired PST file before restoration. Afterwards, you can save the repaired PST file by getting licensed version of repair Outlook PST utility.

Simple Way to Recover Lost Files from xD Card

There are number of users that keep the files in XD memory cards. The memory card is the best medium to keep the data but on the other end, it also faces loss of files. At instances user with memory cards faces this loss of data.  There are certain ways that can keep your data safe but there is also an option to recover files using powerful recovery tool known as Memory Card Recovery Software that can return your data even after complete loss. For example, there is some XD cards recovery software that assures you for the complete recovery but they fails to do so. In such situation you can utilize this software to recover files from various flash cards effectively. Instead, you can try out measures that can keep the data safe. Well here are few of them that can be followed. You can keep the files safe can be taken very easily and some of them are mentioned in below,

Ripping of Recycle Bin storage after the files is deleted from memory card is a very common thing to happen, so for this you can keep your files in some different sources. Insertion and ejection of memory card are so commonly done, then better to avoid non-reliable source to transfer the data. Text files or any other types of files are there and a very important thing in those files are the headers, if these headers are corrupted then can cause the data loss and this is cause mostly due to abrupt ejection.

Common Reasons behind Data Loss from xD card:

Accidental File Deletion: While viewing some significant media file like photos and videos from your camera or Smartphone, you may press “Delete all” option by mistake. In addition to that, you may attempt to remove some unwanted files from your xD card inserted. At that time you may select your important photos and delete them by mistake.

Virus Infection: Virus or malicious program attack is the most frequent reason for file loss on xD card which can get into memory card files and replicate itself and then increase into entire file which make file corruption/damage.

Usage of Third Party Tool: If the virus attack become high means that makes your xD malfunctioning. In order to resolve this matter you can utilize some updated antivirus software which scan your files saved on xD card and delete virus infected files without any notice.

Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, while accessing xD card, you may encounter format error message because of corruption as “Drive not formatted..!! Do you want to format it? In such circumstances, you may format your xD card for achieving instant contact, this choice makes severe data loss on xD card.

Other Reasons: File system corruption, bad sectors, improper ejection of xD card from gadgets, abrupt power failure while doing some task on xD card, sudden interruption while transferring files from xD card to some other storage media.

Advanced Features of Memory Card Recovery Tool:

  • Memory Card Recovery Software tool can scan the entire xD card or other flash storage devices in a few minutes for achieving deleted or lost data recovery effectively.
  • It is well-suited with all the popular Mac OS and Windows based systems.
  • You can execute this tool to restore files from xD card as well as various external flash drives like memory sticks, SD cards, pen drive, external USB hard disk, etc effectively
  • This tool recover files from memory card which may format with any file system such as HFSX, ExFAT, FAT32, HFS+, FAT16, and NTFS.
  • 24/7 professional technical support.

Transfer calendars between Outlook and Google

Calendars are very much useful in our day to day life which helps to be up to dated. Microsoft office outlook stores the calendar in to it and allows you to be updated all the times.  It requires transferring Microsoft office outlook calendar either import or exporting from Google calendar which is actually not a big issue. It involved few steps to transfer calendar between Microsoft office outlook and Google as explained in this link. With the help of this, you can be up to date even in offline server also as Microsoft office outlook 2007 including feature to work offline too. You just need to export and import calendar files. Let us see what are the different steps involved in importing and exporting calendar from Google to Microsoft office outlook separately.

Steps involved in importing calendar files from Google into Microsoft office outlook

Make sure that you are importing the updated calendar before starting the process. Then if it is updated it is good or else subscribe to Google calendar to get alerts of up to date calendar. After this the following are the steps involved in importing calendar files into Microsoft office outlook

Step 1: Firstly Log in into the Google calendar account.

Step 2: After log in to account, in the left column you may find calendars, select the calendar which you want to import.

Step 3: Then go for Calendar settings display when you clicked on the calendar options.

Step 4: Then go for private address, type ICAL

Step 5: In the calendar address dialog box, go for the website address of internet which is appearing.

Step 6: When prompted, click ok to import the selected calendar.

This is how the calendar is imported from Google to the Microsoft office outlook and after importing you need to view it to check the perfection of work. Now let see what are the different steps involved in exporting outlook calendar to Google calendar.

Steps for exporting calendar Microsoft office outlook to Google:

Step 1: In outlook, in calendar folder select calendar file and make it active calendar in the view.

Step 2: Then after this, save the calendar files as per your convenient by selecting save as option which is available on the file menu.

Then a box appears which shows you name, date range and level detail of calendar. If it is satisfying all your requirements then proceed ok or else made required changes.

Step 4: Then click on to the save button, which helps you to save the changes which are made.

Step 5: Go for Google, log in to account

Step 6: Select import calendar from calendar category.

Step 7: Select file to click to upload.

After this verify it by opening same file in the Google account. If it is ok proceed to next step or else change the file starting again the same process from step 1

Step 8: Click for the complete import and here is done the calendar file is successfully transfer Microsoft office outlook calendar to Google calendar.

Understanding security and safe computing

Computers security is very essential for individuals and business organizations. By preventing threat one can reduce fraud, confidential data loss and other errors from the computer hackers. When user system connects to the internet it allows to share important files with other people or let other person to use system. The computer hacker may steal personal data or by sending malicious program to damage the PC.  User might think that how can computer security protect the privacy of individuals? One should utilize effective security measures and defenses as firewalls, genuine anti virus software, passwords and more to protect the confidential files stored in the computer from hacking.

How can computer security protect the privacy of individuals?

As the technology is growing new software for security of individuals data are being invented world wide. On the other hand hackers are developing even more dangerous viruses and malicious program. Simply by clicking on unauthorized sites on internet, the system may suffer from intrusion of viruses which can hack the individual systems and causing damage of computer like create new user account as administrative, delete the important files, format hard drive.

To protect system from hacker you must take some precautions. In this page you will come across how computer security can protect the privacy of individuals. There are ways to protect computer from security threats like intentional threat and unintentional threat. Intentional threats are stealing of confidential data, damage of computer resources, and theft of equipment. Unintentional threats include failure of computer, accidentally deletion and environment risks.

There are number of effective security measures for individuals and organizations can take to decrease theft, losses and errors such as antivirus, firewalls, Windows update, back ups and more.

  • Latest antivirus gives protection to the individual’s computer from Worms, Viruses, Trojan and other malicious programs which are created by programmer (hacker) through the internet it may infect PC. It creates same name as folder name, when user unknowingly click on those folder viruses multiples themselves from one system to other. Thus, decrease the performance of your computer and even delete a file.
  • Firewalls plays major role in preventing hackers and malicious software from accessing to your individuals PC. It will first check the information whether it is coming from unknown internet websites or network and either blocks it from entering to your system or allows through your computer
  • If you keep on Windows update option then it will check for updates and intimates you to upgrade it and install them which can protect your computer from security threats and new viruses.

How to Perform a Clean Install of OS X Mountain Lion on a Startup Drive?

OS X Mountain Lion is the eight version of Mac Operating System. This is developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. in the summer year 2012. OS X Mountain Lion builds on the changes compare to previous version 10.7, including the slow integration of some of the distinct element of the iOS system, which runs on iPhone, iPads, and other mobile devices.

OS X Mountain Lion adds new advanced features to the Mac. Most of them behind the divisions, designed to make the Mac OS X even more secure and reliable, but some of the changes are front and center, where you’ll interact with them every time you use Mac.

Perform a Clean Install of OS X Mountain Lion on a Startup Drive

Though most users are best served by the simple upgrade process to OS X Mountain Lion through the Mac App store, some users want to perform a clean install of OS X Mountain Lion on a start Drive and start with a blank state. A clean install means the drive is completely erased and Mac 10.8 is installed fresh, nothing else on the drive, no apps are installed, and no files are included.

The process is a little more difficult to perform on a startup drive because Apple doesn’t have an option of bootable media for the OS X Mountain Lion installer, instead you to download the OS directly to MAC from Mac App store.  At the time of installation from Mac, you can’t erase the startup drive and run the installer at the same time.

What You Need to Perform a Clean Install of OS X Mountain Lion on a Startup Drive?

The previous version of Mac OS X such as Snow Leopard (10.6) later to access the Mac App store. But the OS X Mountain Lion, which is easily available from the Mac App store. This installer is download from Application folder. At the time of download and install Mountain Lion, the installer will start mechanically. Before starting the installation process be sure that to quite the installer and read the minimum requirements guide lists the Mac that can run Mountain Lion.

The main target is drive or partition. The size of target volume must be at least 8GB.  You can congest Mountain Lion onto a smaller partition of drive, but there won’t be much space left for user data and application. Consider the minimum size of volumes of drive at least 60GB, which will provide sufficient space for the data, apps, user and some free scratch space.

650 MB of free space for the Recovery HD partition. This is a hidden part of startup drive is created by the Mountain Lion Installer. It contains a bootable process with utilities for performing the install of Mountain Lion OS and ability to repair back disk.

A current backup. Performing a clean install of OS X Mountain Lion will erase all the details on the target drive.

What is the Target Startup Drive for the Clean Install of Mountain Lion?

If you plan to install OS X Mountain Lion on a second internal drive or volume, or an external USB drive, Thumb drive, Fire wire or pen drive, then you need the How to Perform a Clean Install of OS X Mountain Lion on a startup drive.

Before, you may perform a clean install of Mountain Lion on Startup drive, you must create a copy of the Mountain Lion installer on bootable media such as USB flash drive, DVD or external hard drive.

How to Downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7 or Vista?

Windows 8 is the currently most used Windows OS. Almost all users want to upgrade their OS to get taste of newly added advanced features. Earlier Windows versions may be Windows 7 or Windows Vista. But after upgrading you may face problem with incompatible work apps, hardware failure, or just you don’t like the features, look or view of Windows 8, you may want to roll back to earlier versions either Windows 7 or Vista.

But the ability to downgrade from Windows 8 to an earlier version of Windows 7 or Vista depends on the version of Windows 8 installed and on the way by which you got Windows 8 like upgraded or freshly installed. Besides this, downgrade rights are also dependent on Windows edition, you cannot downgrade from all versions of Windows OS.

Precaution Before Proceeding

Before proceeding down gradation, you should make sure your data is safe and perform a quick check, to make sure you can roll back. First, as with any major system-wide change, you should take back up of your important files, videos, and pictures. In the era of advanced technology you can opt Cloud storage or external hard drive to back up important files.

As you are going to roll back to a previous installed OS, this process will work only if you have upgraded by using upgrade option from Windows 7, Vista, or other. There is a “Windows.old” in your C drive which contains the necessary files from old Windows install, and without which the rollback process won’t work. For more information about how to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8 or Windows Vista visit this page.

Initiating Down-gradation

After taking back up of important files, you can proceed to perform roll back. To start rolling back process, click on start menu and go to the settings app. Once it’s open, click on the “Update & Security” section.

By default Windows Update page will be open. There will be an option called “recovery,” after clicking on recovery option several recovery options is displayed. From those you need to choose “Go back to a previous version of Windows.” Simply click the button to get started, and Windows will do its thing.

Confirmation Before Initiating

Before Windows starts into the downgrading process, you will be asked to provide the reason why you are you rolling back. Microsoft looks for a solid feedback from you before proceeding roll back.

Before starting roll backing process system will display some screens asking you few related security purpose questions and let you initiate rolling back to your earlier Windows OS.

After answering security related questions, Windows will ask you one last time if you want to roll back. After clicking through, System will restart and begin the process.

Welcome Back

After finish Windows automatic process, you may find yourself back with Windows 7 or Vista which were previously installed on your PC. But there is a chance of missing some data, but you no need to worry if you have taken back up as suggested above.

And if you roll back process is not succeed due to some reason may be something went wrong with the process and you find yourself fail in roll back. Then still there is chance off returning to your older Windows OS, you can opt format with boot-able pen drive with required OS and perform fresh installation.

Efficient Tool to Repair Corrupted WinRAR File

A RAR is a file format used to compress files and folders. It helps to decreases the file size and saves memory on the hard disk. This is the most convenient way of storing and organizing data on the computer. RAR file helps the users to compress one or more files altogether, which can be easily shared over the network. There are many advantages of a RAR file format such as it reduces the transmission time over the internet significantly. It protects sensitive and important information from virus and other malwares. Through RAR file format you can send executable files (.exe), which would otherwise be blocked by Outlook email client. Though these files are very popular, but RAR file corruption is a major problem among Windows users.

Let’s consider a scenario where your friends has compressed his vacation photographs in RAR format and mailed you. The RAR file which you downloaded from internet, displaying an error message while downloading. You told your friend to resend the mail again, but for your bad luck even your friend had deleted the file. As many time you download the file, it displayed an error message while RAR file. This error message indicates that your RAR file is corrupt. Till the time you did not repair your file, you can’t access a single file from it. Other than this there are many more scenarios which bring corruption to your RAR file. Some of the common reasons for RAR file corruption are listed below:

  • Spyware attack on the RAR file will corrupt the header of the RAR file, due to which it refuses to open or displays an error message while opening.
  • Interruption while downloading the RAR file will corrupt the RAR file and make it unreadable. Through download management program, you can easily solve such issues.
  • Using unauthorized third party applications for extracting the file from compressed file, sometime ends with RAR file corruption.
  • In case you rename the RAR file with an incorrect file extension then there is high chance of RAR file corruption

It is certainly possible to repair your RAR files by relying on RAR repair tool. This tool is the right choice to fix RAR file due to any above mentioned scenarios. The tool easily repair compressed archive files of various format such as RAR, CAB, SIT, ARJ, ZOO, RPM and JAR. Using this tool you can not only repair archive files but also repairs other files such as music, photos, videos, documents and many more. Visit this page for further software details.

Recovering RAR file using the Software:
If you want to use this tool then first download and install RAR Repair software on your PC or laptop. Launch the application and follow the on screen procedure. Select browse button to select the corrupted RAR file, which you want to be repaired. As you click on repair process by clicking on the repair button. As you click on repair option the software will start scanning the corrupted RAR file. View the repair process progress in the progress bar. As soon as the repair process completes, the software displays all the repaired files and folders from the RAR file. Choose next button and select save option to save the repaired files to your desired location.

Some Safety measures:

  • Use efficient software to extract your files from RAR file.
  • Assign password to your important RAR files.
  • Don’t forget to install updated antivirus program to remove viruses from the system.
  • You can save your recovered RAR files on to any external storage device such as CDs or DVDs.
  • Don’t use the system after any data loss scenario.

Solution to Repair MOV Video Files

Yesterday evening, I was watching a movie with my friend in my system. After few minutes, sudden power outage caused shut down of my system. The power came back in a while, and I turned on my system to continue watching a movie, I was shocked at that moment as the QuickTime player wasn’t able to play this MOV file anymore and displayed an error message. It is one of my favorite movies and I even don’t have a backup of that movie file. Is it possible now to repair MOV video file? If so, can anyone suggest me a best solution to repair MOV video file? Thank you…!

Don’t get panic, your MOV file might have been corrupted and it is not at all a big deal. You can easily fix the issues with your MOV video file with the service of Repair MOV software in few steps. It is considered as the best tool to repair corrupted MOV video files, as it has been reviewed and recommended by many industry experts to repair MOV files. This tool comes out with outstanding algorithms, which helps in fixing damaged or corrupted MOV file with greater ease.  Using these special algorithms, it scans your corrupted MOV file and fixes it ina matter of few seconds to make it a healthy playable video file.

Scenarios behind corruption or damaged MOV file:

  • Terminating MOV file abruptly, when it is in active mode may result in the corruption of a MOV file.
  • If the MOV file isn’t fully downloaded, it may get corrupt. This usually happens if there is any sort of interruption during MOV file download process.
  • While playing MOV file in any media player, if the media player gets crash, then it may lead to the corruption of MOV file.
  • If excessive bad sectors are formed on your hard drive, where you have saved your MOV file, then it will result in the corruption of MOV file. Usually, bad sectors are formed due to the presence of severe virus and malwares on your hard drive.
  • If your system is infected by severe virus then all your files including MOV files may get infected by virus. As a result that files may get corrupt and become inaccessible.
  • While transferring MOV file from system to any storage devices or vice-versa, your system may shutdown suddenly due to power failure. As a result, some MOV video files which are transferred incompletely may get corrupt and when you try to play such MOV video file on any media player, it fails to play.

Precautions to be taken:

  • In order to compress MOV file, use reliable application.
  • Always keep backup of your important MOV files on reliable storage device to avoid corruption issues.

Features of Repair MOV software:

  • It permits you to preview the repaired MOV video file before saving it to your destination location.
  • This software preserves your original MOV file format and restores the fixed MOV video file in new location.
  • Software can repair MOV files on both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • This tool is capable of repairing M4V and MP4 files along with MOV file repair.
  • The software comes with automatic fix option that separates audio and video data streams and after repairing them, it combines both audio and video to generate healthy MOV video file that are playable.
  • The technical support team is technically trained to help users for any kind of issues in software and provides proper guidelines.

Deleted Partition Recovery [Solved]

Are you searching for any partition recovery tool? If it is yes, then you need not to stress more because here is a recovery tool named as Partition Recovery Software which works very perfectly in recovering the data from deleted partition. This tool scans your entire hard disk and helps you to recover deleted partition drive within a short period of time.

Partition is the division of hard disk drive by which reduces the complexity for searching and for convenient usage of files. It has many other uses such as you can install more than one operating system on your device which term as dual boot Operating System. Another benefit is that hard disk drive works actively after partition is made. You can also secure your privacy data in desired partition disk.

Let us discuss a scenario in which you lost your hard drive partition accidentally while working on it.  The partition drive was containing important data likes software, contacts, mails, passwords etc. but you lost it. Then what you are waiting for? In order to perform deleted partition recovery make use of Partition Recovery Software which includes great in built of algorithm helps you to retrieve data safely. Here are some additional features of Partition Recovery Software Tool.

Extra features of Partition Recovery Software:

  • Deleted partition recovery can be performed easily and in a very simple manner with the help of this recovery tool because of its simple designed software.
  • Partition Recovery Software supports the latest versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.
  • Partition Recovery Software is designed by professional experts to perform deleted partition recovery.
  • This tool facilitate save recovery session option in which you can resume scanning process and continue it later. You need not to scan it again from first which actually saves your valuable time.
  • It also works very effectively on different platforms of Mac Operating System such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain, Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.
  • The demo version of Partition Recovery tool previews your lost data by scanning the entire hard disk.  After purchasing you can simply save the files without scanning it again.
  • By using this recovery tool, you can easily recover deleted partition on different types of hard disk likes SATA, SSD, SCSI, etc.

Some cases in which deletion of Partition occur:

  • Accidental deletion: Unknowingly, user may delete the data from partition drive which results in loss of files from partition drive. This is accidental case in which you lost your data.
  • Virus Attack: Anti-virus software automatically deletes the partition drives which are affected with virus by which loss of partition occur.
  • Re-installation of Operating System: If your system crash, then you needs to go for re-installation of operating system. Without knowing the proper steps at this stage may leads to the deletion of files from partition accidentally.
  • Using third party application: At the time of re-partition, if you use untrusted application may leads to the deletion of partition drive.
  • Other reasons: Corruption of files and sudden shut down of device are other reasons for which data get lost from partition drive

Tool to Repair Adobe Photoshop File

Adobe Photoshop is an application that is used to design and edit photos by the users.  The files are created by Adobe Photoshop will be stored with .PSD extension. PSD stands for “Photo Shop Document”, is the default format of Photoshop used for saving data. These files are maximum height and width 30,000 pixels and length limit of 2 Gigabyte. PSD files are mostly used and supports to extent of other challenging software.

Similar to other photo files, even this PSD files are highly prone to get corrupt or damage due to various reason such as application fault, virus infection and so on. As a result of this file become inaccessible or unreadable. If you want to repair Photoshop file then you need take help of Best File Repair software. With the use of this efficient tool, you can not only repair PSD files but also can repair PDD file with utmost ease.

Some of the common scenarios behind PSD file corruption:

  • Interruption While Download: Any interruption while downloading of PSD file from internet due to network error, as a result of this some information is missing or file corrupted.
  • Virus Infection: Virus on your system may infects your PSD file or other media file as a result PSD file gets corrupted which makes its inaccessible file.
  • Faulty Application: PSD file may get corrupted due to some application fault. This might cause for the corruption of the created PSD file using the Adobe Photoshop application. In this case, you can repair Photoshop file by using Best File Repair software.
  • Improper Closure: Sometimes, while you managing and editing the photos by using the Adobe Photoshop application then application may get abruptly terminate due to any reason and file may get corrupted.

If you are facing any problem with corrupted PSD file due to any of these scenarios on Windows or Mac. In this time, you may thinking that how to fix Photoshop file? If you want to repair PSD file under above mentioned scenarios then you take a help of Best File Repair software.

Advanced Features of Best File Repair Tool:

  • This is the best recommended tool specially designed with effective scanning algorithm to repair corrupted Photoshop PSD or PSB file with color mode like duotone, CMYK, bitmap, RGB color, etc.
  • This tool is simple and inbuilt with user friendly interface and thus enables any new user to use this tool without any prior technical knowledge to repair a corrupted Photoshop file without any hassle.
  • This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system including Windows Vista, XP, 2007, 2008 and Mac 10.X, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion Mountain, Mavericks and so on.
  • It repairs each layer of PSD file and even repair PDD file format with utmost ease.
  • This tool provides a preview option to view the repaired Photoshop file prior to restore in your preferred location.