Hard drive recovery

External hard drive lost RAW files recovery

Hard drives are the main source to store data on laptops and desktop systems. It stores all kinds of data that you can access on a computer with ease. It also is responsible for system booting process as it holds all the program files and operating system. You may come across various hard drives for your computer. But data on these hard drives can be lost in many ways.

The causes may be physical damage or any software conflicts, but is can lead to loss in precious data. Assume a predicament how the hard drive on Windows system was affected by harmful malware. This spyware had affected the info files on hard disk very intensively in a way that the actual File Table of an NTFS partition went completely corrupt causing data inaccessibility on that partition. Master File table or MFT is really a file which holds all the entries of the files of this partition. It holds everything of your file for example its size, creation in addition to modified time and date, permissions to access or alter its content as well as the data content. Hence when the MFT file is corrupt you can’t access one of the partition data. In this situation to find lost files after MFT corruption in Windows you have to prefer good recovery software.

The other reasons for loss of files from hard drives can be given as:

  • Corruption of file system – If the file system is corrupt then complete hard disk or partition data is going to be corrupt as well as the OS cannot access any of these data files. And thus file system corruption causes data inaccessibility.
  • Boot sector corruption – Boot sector holds all the program files and other sectors such as MFT that are responsible for the initial booting process of the system. Hence corruption of this boot sector will cause data inaccessibility.
  • Bad media spots – Bad sectors on Windows hard drive can be created or caused due to continuous power fluctuations thereby corrupting the Master File Table. Corrupted MFT will not allow you to access hard drive data causing data loss.

You could possibly face many situations that may damage MFT file or hard drive or complete hard drive itself. In such situation the one question in your head could be how to get back RAW files from an external HDD? To your information the lost or damaged data could possibly be recovered with the help of this utility. The useful options that come with this recovery program are detailed below:

  • Effectively restores corrupt and lost data from computer drives of assorted types like SATA, PATA, IDE, ATA, SCSI and other storage devices like flash memory drives, thumb drives, etc.
  • Perfect recovery of lost data from computer drives of various brands like Toshiba, HP, Buffalo, Sony, Apple, LaCie, Western Digital, etc.
  • Easy method of restoring various data types which might be lost due to virus attack, bad sectors, MBR sector corruption, corruption of file system, etc. on Windows and Mac OS
  • Capable to retrieve data from MFT corrupt NTFS partition as well as restores data from HFS and FAT file systems

You can make better usage of this hard drive recovery utility that has user friendly interface for data recovery.  And this utility can be used on various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.