File recovery

My file restoration tool for Windows

Windows computers provide many facilities to users; you can store all types of your data. You may have important files like video files, music files, Word, Excel, PPT, documents, official reports, or personal information. Somehow there are many advantages of Windows computers. But, almost all users lose their files from computers and struggle to retain them. When the deleted or lost files are too essential for you, then you need best recovery software. Thus, Windows file recovery application can solve all your worries and retain all types of deleted or missed out files. So, this software can be used when you lose files under below reasons.

  • Important files can be lost accidentally: – Due to accidental mistakes you may lose important files. Suppose you wish to delete unwanted files, but accidentally you may delete required files. Similarly, while deleting the files, you may also select vital files to remove and press delete button in hurry, then you might end up with data loss.
  • Power breakdown: – Suppose if the power fails suddenly during file transfer, then there is a chance of file corruption which could be inaccessible and you may lose them. Sometimes while creating any information on Word files or PSD files, if power fails and you wouldn’t have saved it, then it will delete automatically.
  • Third party utilities malfunction: – Important files are routinely deleted due to human mistakes like, deletion of files with “Shift +Del” keys combination, misguidedly emptied Recycle Bin folder and inappropriate usage of external devices like pen drive, SD card, external flash USB drive etc.
  • Virus incursion: – Unsafe virus could assail to your system when it is under unsecured n/w. This risky virus may mess up with the files stored on your Windows systems. Once the files are infected then you may be unable to access those files. Hence virus attack can make to finish up with data loss.
  • Defragmentation failure: significant files may get corrupted if the defragmentation process gets failed. Defragmentation process may be incomplete due to insufficient space on hard drive or by software malfunction.

No need to worry, the deleted / lost files are not deleted for enduringly; they are merely invisible. My file recovery software can overcome all types of data loss situations. But after losing files, do not strive to overwrite the files, it could cause permanent loss.

This software is capable of getting back all kinds of files which are deleted / lost / inaccessible from all Windows OS. This revival software has its individual move towards data recovery and outstanding algorithms to administer all data loss scenarios. This tool has a proficiency to put aside different types of files in usual manner. it recovers more than 300 types of files from your system and does not do any modification or changes.

This Windows file recuperation tool is adequate to pick up files from inaccessible drives. It performs restoration method to get back files from formatted disk, emptied Recycle Bin, unapproachable partitions and also from various external hard drives of different brands. It is one of most successful salvage tools to maintain mislaid or deleted files for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Win Server. To retain any kind of files, it needs few mouse clicks.

It is basically available in demo edition to test it out, you need to download the demo edition and run it. After selecting the drive, it will swiftly scan and recovers all files and folders which are deleted or lost; you can also save the option which is “Save Recovery Session” to avoid rescanning. Once you are pleased, then you can pay for the absolute version of this tool to hoard retrieved files