PST file recovery

Recovery of PST and attributes

PST is a sort form of Personal Storage Table. .PST file is a storage medium to stores different attributes of an outlook for example mailbox data. Mailbox data is contained in PST file that is folders of mail like inbox, sent items, deleted items, drafts, calendar, appointments, contacts, tasks and all the data in it is stored in that particular files. Different users can be created in Outlook and can keep the data but for this the same PST file is used.

OST file that is used to keep the data when user is not having internet connection. This storage file is directly associated with MS exchange server that gives the facility to save the data in offline mode too. PST file usages is inversely proportional to OST file that is PST saves data in online mode where as OST does it in offline.  When these generated link between MS outlook and exchange server if gets corrupted then in this condition the files is being saved in OST file that is Offline storage table. Likewise, not only these reasons but there are number of reasons that results in locking the PST file from being accessed.

What makes this factor of data loss so easy?  Virus attack, sharing your Outlook PST file over an unsecured network, for portability compression of files, abrupt closing of system, application closing done suddenly while working, hard disk if damaged physically or corrupted logically can result in complete deletion of mails. To remove a little complicated error you can use Scanpst tool. Sometimes these Scanpst tool are not able to solve the problem.

These factors are generally not good for the PST file. Therefore, to recover your mails from your PST file you need to use the recovery tool. Outlook PST file recovery tools can give you your PST file which will return all the email’s attributes from PST file. Many more reasons are there, that definitely will cause corruption and result of that there will be loss of data. There In order to fix all your problems related to Outlook you need to use the tool. If you use this tool then you can do email recovery from PST.  

Repairing tools features:

  • Repairing of PST file recovers all the attributes of data that your [subject, to, from, cc, bcc, and date].
  • The software supports various versions of Outlook and can successfully recover data from all version of MS Outlook that are 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97.
  • Attachments files like in .PST file that includes the documents, images, songs each attribute will be recovered even mails message can be recovered.
  • This gives a copy of new PST file without touching the old one.

Features are so strong in their respective place. User can look at these features and if need can download the software. You can download the software easily by clicking here. The software is available with snap shots and can recover data from your lost PST file.