Repair RAR file

Software to repair RAR file

What are RAR files?

Before describing RAR file first I want to tell you that it is not a multimedia file, so usually that can’t be played or can be used as other files are used. RAR file is an archive which hold number of files within it, no matter whatever will be a file format. They are having .zip or .rar format files, and these are used to contain the compressed files. This is a technique in which we compress the files to save disk space.

How come corruption can be caused to RAR files?

In the present scenarios data loss due to file corruption became very common. Almost every user is aware with this fact. RAR file may also get corrupted due to several corruption causing reasons. Then the question arises what to do in such condition? Is recovery is possible? Answer to this question I must say you need to find an advance repair tool which can repair .rar file and return your data back. Mostly you are unable to open RAR file due to header corruption.

Some more reasons for RAR file corruption

There are many more reasons apart from header corruption which can corrupt the RAR files. Have a look on some more scenarios which leads to RAR file corruption:

  • Virus or malware attack became very common in the present scenario, each every user are suffering from the virus corruption problem. Severe virus can corrupt the RAR files that has stored in the computer’s hard drive.
  • Sudden power surge while downloading the RAR archive file via the internet leads to CRC error resulting in RAR archive corruption.
  • In order to save the storage space and bandwidth data compression technique is used. Hence, data compression relies on RAR and other archive file formats. Sometime compressing of files or creation of RAR has not accomplished properly and results in severe data loss.
  • Abrupt shut down of system during file transferring process also bring corruption in RAR file. This made your RAR files inaccessible.
  • When we decompress file by using third party tool, improper decompression also results in data loss. Which means always use trust worthy tool to extract RAR file to avoid RAR file corruption.

These above mentioned scenarios can be the main reason behind the corruption of data in RAR files. Let us see what the precautions to save RAR files from getting corrupted are.

  • Using the best wrapping tool that is to use best archive tool to compress the files and store it.
  • Use UPS to avoid abrupt shut down of or to handle fluctuation in voltage.
  • Install antivirus program in your system.

After following these precautions if still you’re facing data loss problem then go for repair RAR tool. Trial version of this tool is available on internet, download and install it. With this tool you can even repair password protected .rar file. It can fix the RAR files that are having size of 4GB or more.  It is built with special technique which repair the file highly corrupted RAR file.